Diamond Files



Since 1975 we are in the business of exporting diamond files with remarkable enduringness. VDEX offers a huge variety of diamond files in all shapes and sizes because we know your needs are different. This enables our clients to choose the appropriate product for appropriate application from our giant variety range. The steel which we use for making high resistance diamond files is swiss made hardened steel which is electroplated with high concentration of precisely graded diamond particles specifically designed for abrasive surfaces. We always meet a high industry standard that is why our products are in high demand all over the country. Our team always follows an ongoing updating process in terms of technologies, new more efficient working strategies and gain more customer satisfaction. This takes our product and customer care service to another level. As we usually say you will feel the difference for sure. Have a look at what we are capable of in Diamond Industrial Tools:- – MI – Escapement Files – NF – Diamond Needle Files – NF – Diamond Needle Sets – ES – NF Extra Slim – HBB Files – HB Files – Files For Reciprocating Filing Machines – DFS – Files For Reciprocating Filing Machines – HF – Riffle Files – CF – Riffle Files – RM – Riffle Files – RF – TF – Turbine Diamond Files & CT – Contact Files – MS – Multi File System – Tapered Files – DHB – Tapered Files – DHM – Tapered Files – DH – MF – Machine Files – HD/THD – Heavy Duty Files – Tool Shop Files


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