Carbide Rods

We are the stockist of Carbide Rods of international standard which are used for various purposes in the modern industry. These carbide Rods are of very high strength and grade to fulfil the requirement of industrial processes. Carbide Rods are available in wide range and unique specifications such as ground or ungrounded, solid, single hole or multiple holes in them. These Carbide Rods are used in drill bit, general and specific engine cutters and reamers. Special cutters made with the help of Carbide Rods are used to cut metals and other various types of alloys.

● High quality material is used in Carbide Rods
● Grading as per International standards
● High precision and accuracy

Carbide Rods have wide range and specifications. Carbide Rods have different lengths and varying sizes of diameters. Also the number and size of holes in Carbide Rods depends upon their use and as per requirement of esteemed clients.

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