Cold Heading Dies



We are technically very much sound in manufacturing high quality Cold Heading Dies.
These are used for machining and processing screws, nuts, bolts, rivets and hard metal tools etc. which are of very high strength. Cold Heading Dies are made up of very high performance and soft graded carbide pellets according to its usage. Highly advanced technology is used and a thorough and tough inspection is done to check the quality of the Cold Heading Dies.

Special Features of Cold Heading Dies:

● Very low Wear and Tear
● Customized design
● Complete or Semi finished as required by customers
● High precision
● Grade dependent Dies


Cold Heading Dies are designed well in standard dimensions as well as customized according to needs and requirements of the customers. We produce Cold Heading Dies which are not only cost efficient but also satisfies our customers. It is our topmost priority that we deliver our product with great care and without any delay.


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